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Electrical Components - Heat Shrinkable
The Second Division of Nobinax Asia Pte Ltd distributes
Heat Shrink Kits for High Voltage Cable Joint & Termination manufactured by Ikebana Engineering Ltd.
          Ikebana Engineering Limited (Ikebana) was founded in Thailand in 1992 by Mr. Sanjeev Nabar, a technologist graduated from IIT, Bombay. Mr. Nabar heads Ikebana as the Managing Director. Since 2009, Ikebana Engineering Ltd. is part of the Knill Gruppe from Austria, an International group present in 16 countries world-wide, active in the field of infrastructure, supplying systems and application for energy and data transmission. Mosdorfer CCL Systems Limited - United Kingdom, a company of the Knill Group, is a majority Share-holder in Ikebana.

At its fully vertically integrated manufacturing facility equipped with a modern testing laboratory in Ratchaburi, Thailand, Ikebana manufactures heat shrinkable molded shapes used in termination system such as breakouts, sheds, boots, heat shrinkable tubes for medium / low voltage applications and heat shrink end caps for a complete range of cables up to 36Kv. 
Quality Management Systems of Ikebana Engineering Ltd. have been assessed and registered against ISO 9001 (2008 Version), the scope being design and manufacturing of heat shrinkable cable accessories. (for a better understanding of the products please do see the pictures in the Products Gallery).