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Hotel-Resorts Furniture & Goods

The Third Division of Nobinax Asia Pte Ltd distributes Beach Sandals, Outdoor High Quality Parasol, Outdoor High Quality Synthetic Ratan Furniture and Room Sofa & Sofa-Bed all under proper distributionship contract with those manufacturers.

Beach Sandal                                                                Authorized Distributor by :                                                                             Free Flops Footwear Co.,Ltd.  Taiwan

Outdoor High Quality Parasol                                      Authorized Sole Distributor by :                                                                Scolaro Mario & Fabio Srl.  Italy

Outdoor High Quality Synthetic Ratan Furniture      Authorized Distributor by :                                                                         Hawaii Thai Furniture Co.,Ltd.  Thailand

Room Sofa, Sofa-Bed                                                   Authorized Distributor by :                                                                          Green P's (Shenzhen) Furniture Co.,Ltd.  China