Nobinax Asia Pte Ltd
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Electronic Components
The First Division of Nobinax Asia Pte Ltd distributes a wide range of Electronic components for home consumer, communication, power supply, auto-motive industries.
Electrolytic Capacitor & Film Capacitor
Rubycon is one of the best manufacturers for Electrolytic 
and film capacitors.Rubycon places highest priority
on protecting human life and providing safe products
under all conditions.

The Quality Connection.
JST provides you with most reliable,
most technologically advanced and
most cost-efficient electronic connectors.
Cable Tie
Systems and solutions for Cable Management.

Chip Resistor
Kamaya is one of the best manufacturers for chip resistors.
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor(MLCC)
Walsin Technology Corp.the largest Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor(MLCC) manufacturer in China and 4th largest in the world.Main products include MLCC, Chip Resistor, Sensing & Controlling components,High Frequency devices and Modules, which are all indispensable components for information,digital consumers and communication industries.